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Low Back Pain During Third-Trimester Pregnancy: Everything you wanted to know

Are you wondering why you suffer from low back pain during the third trimester of pregnancy? Let’s find out the answer to this question in this article.

Low Back Pain During Third-Trimester Pregnancy

Low back pain is a common complaint among pregnant women. It is estimated that up to 80% of pregnant women experience low back pain at some point during their pregnancy. The prevalence of low back pain increases as the pregnancy progresses.

The most common cause of low back pain during third-trimester pregnancy is the weight of the fetus pressing on the pelvic bones, which can lead to pressure on the sciatic nerve and muscles in the lower back.

After discovering this figure, I researched a few more questions about low back pain in third-trimester pregnancy, which you are probably also wondering about. I will try to answer them for you now in brief.

When should I worry about back pain in pregnancy third trimester?

During pregnancy, especially in the third trimester, low back pain is common and usually goes away by the end of pregnancy. If the pain persists, worsens, or is accompanied by fever or bloody stools, you should consult your doctor or midwife.

How common is low back pain in third-trimester pregnancy?

Pregnant women experience lower back pain in more than 60 percent.
Early pregnancy might cause back pain, but it begins in the second half and can worsen as you progress through pregnancy. Postpartum back pain will usually disappear quickly after your baby is born.

low back pain in third-trimester pregnancy is common thing.
Low back pain in third-trimester pregnancy is a common thing.

There is no need to worry about this issue. I understand that there are times when the pain in your lower back during pregnancy can be unbearable and prevent you from sleeping. You should contact your doctor and ask him how to ease your pain. When writing this article, I aimed to try out a few ways to cope with your low back pain at the time, so be sure to try them out before you decide which one to choose.

How to tell the difference between back labor and back pain?

Understanding that back labor and back pain are two different things is essential.
Back labor is the pain and discomfort that a woman feels in the back during childbirth. It is caused by the baby’s position in the mother’s pelvis. During back labor, the pain can be dull or sharp.

However, back pain is a symptom of pregnancy that many pregnant women experience, at least to some degree, during their pregnancy. This is because the growing uterus puts pressure on the stomach and pelvic area, which can push against the back. It may last longer than an hour and worsen if you sit down or stand up again. Some mild back discomfort may feel achy, stiff, or sore in the lower and upper hips without complications.

Why is pregnancy back pain worse at night?

As our pregnancy is involved and we reach the third-trimester pregnancy, low back pain is worse at night because, during the day, our body is more active and can help relieve some of the pressure. When we are sleeping, our muscles relax, and there’s no relief from the pain until it starts again in the morning.

Why is pregnancy back pain worse at night
Pregnant back pain is worse at night because When we are sleeping, our muscles relax, and there’s no relief from the pain until it starts again in the morning.

To relieve pregnancy back pain at night, sit with the knees up, leaning back against a firm pillow. This can help to restore the standard curve of the spine and provide relief from pain in several ways:

  • It helps keep the natural curves in place, strengthening muscles, improving circulation, and relieving pressure on joints.
  • It puts less pressure on a woman’s pelvis and eases backache during pregnancy.
  • It helps to prevent deep sleep, which can increase blood pressure, and stress levels and lead to snoring.

Back pain during pregnancy: 4 tips for relief

The following are four tips to help you relieve your low back pain during your third trimester:

Try to sleep on your side with your knees pulled up towards you.

Sleep on your side with your knees drawn up to relieve the pressure on your back. Additionally, you may consider using pregnancy and support pillows underneath your abdomen, behind your back, or between your bent knees.

 Include physical activity in your daily routine

Walking or swimming at least three times a week will strengthen your back and help you feel better during the day.

Wear comfortable shoes

You should avoid walking with flat shoes and shoes with high heels to ease the strain on your back. Sneakers or shoes with a shallow platform will support your body better and relieve the stress on your back.

Take frequent breaks from sitting at work or around the house.

Low back pain in third-trimester pregnancy can be pretty severe. A half-minute walk is sufficient to release muscle tension and keep the body moving, so do not sit for more than half an hour without changing position.


Is it safe to use a Deep Heat rub on my back while pregnant?

Usually, deep heat is used as an excellent option for helping with lower back pain since it can help a lot with muscle pain and back pain. However, it is not advised from 20 weeks to delivery because it can harm an unborn baby and cause difficulties during labor.

Why should a pregnant woman sleep with a pillow between her legs?

The legs, knees, and lower back can be relieved if pregnant women snooze with a pillow between them or a huggable pillow to wrap their arms and legs around.

In conclusion,

Don’t feel alone if you suffer from lower back pain during the third trimester of pregnancy, as many pregnant women suffer from them during this time. The good news is that these pains will go away in the end, and you will not feel it anymore.

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