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11 German Girl Baby Names

Our top 11 german girl baby names are the most popular names for girls. We’ve included all variations and complete information on each name.

11 German Girl Baby Names

A variety of traditional and modern german girl baby names are included on the list, so there is something for everyone. The following list contains a few fun facts about each name so that you can learn more about them, why they are so popular, and why they are so popular with so many people!

The 11 German Girl Baby Names


The name Emilia is the most popular in Germany.
Emilius describes a feminine form of the Latin clan name Aemilius, a translation of the Greek word for a rival. This Latin name can also be translated as “rival” in English.
Emilia is a widespread name in German culture. It can also be encountered in Shakespeare’s book Othello as well as in contemporary culture in series such as Game of Thrones, the movie The Princess Diaries and more.
Emilia is very popular worldwide and is considered a widespread name for babies in countries like Iceland, Austria, Poland and more.


Matilda is a German name for girls meaning “battle-mighty.”

One of the first times the name Matilda was used in English was Matilda of Flanders, queen of William the Conqueror. Her granddaughter was also named after her.
Today the name Matilda is widespread for baby girls and many people who want a bony name for their baby girl choose it.
Tilda, Tillie, Mattie and Tillie are some excellent nicknames for Matilda.

Frieda / Frida

One of the best-known old German girl baby names, Frida means peaceful in German.

Throughout history, it is possible to name several women named Frida and they were powerful. Some of them even changed history in their field, such as Frida Kahlo, Frida Blinfant, Frida Leiderת even Anni-Frid Lyngstad, the Swedish singer who took part in ABBA is often called by her affectionate name Frida.

baby names german girl
baby names german girl


The feminine version of Carl is Charlotte, which means free man/woman.
Charlotte is a popular and common name globally, not only because of the British heir to the throne, the daughter of Prince William and Kate Middleton. Charlotte is an excellent choice for those looking for a German name for their baby girl that will always remain in style.


The name Valentina originated from the name of the patron saint of lovers, Saint Valentine.
Valentina is another famous German name for girls that is known all over the world.


Adalina is a very familiar name in German. This name has been called women and girls for decades in Germany. The meaning of the name Adalina in German is Noble and Honorable and in Hebrew Ornament. The name Adalina is a more extended variation of the name Adele.


The name Aleesha is derived from the name Alice and Aleesha. It has beautiful meanings in several different languages:

  • German – of the noble type; noble; respect;
  • Sanskrit – Protected by God;

Aleesha is considered a popular name in Germany and one of the most beautiful baby girl names.

Photo beautiful baby in a diaper is lying on the bed
Photo beautiful baby in a diaper is lying on the bed


Johanna is a stunning name for those looking for a German name for their baby girl. This name is considered a popular name in the German language with a unique and different meaning.
Johanna is a biblical name, meaning “God is gracious”.

Hanna / Hanna

Hannah or Hanna is the seventh most popular name in Germany. Hannah is an ancient name, but if it is contemporary, the first time this name is mentioned is in Tanach. What makes it suitable for those looking for a name with a biblical meaning but one that fits the German language, is also easy to pronounce, and is considered international in a certain sense. The meaning of the name Hannah is to be kind or grace.


The name Anna is one of the most popular names in Germany. Anna has considered a romantic name derived from Hanna, and as we have seen in the passage of the name Hanna, the name Anna also means to be kind or grace.


The name Maria or Mary has many meanings. Some people claim that the name means Holy Mary, mother of Jesus. In Germany, it is widespread to use these names as the second name of the baby such as Anna Marie, Charlotte Marie and more.

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