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13 Russian Baby Names for Girls

Here are some names that might be of interest to you if you are searching for Russian baby names for girls.

13 Russian Baby Names for Girls

Russians have a long tradition of naming their children after the saints, and it’s no different today!

Here are 13 classic Russian baby names for girls if you’re looking for an authentic Russian name for your daughter.

The 13 Russian Baby Names for Girls

children folk clothes grass
children folk clothes grass

Here are 13 Russian baby names for girls that you might like:

Ekaterina (Catherine)

In Russia, Ekaterina is the name of Catherine the Great. The name means “pure,” and it’s associated with the Virgin Mary in Christianity.

However, the name is less popular in Russia itself than it is elsewhere around the world. Its ranking on the list of most popular Russian names has fallen from its number seven spot in 2009 to number 16 in 2017, and that’s despite being one of only four female names to make it into that year’s top 20.

In other parts of Europe and Asia where Russians have migrated or otherwise traveled over time (like Kazakhstan or Kyrgyzstan), Ekaterina remains much more common than back home, though still nowhere near as widespread as their male counterparts like Ivan or Sergei!

Antonina (Antonia)

if you are looking for a Russian baby name for girls, you may want to consider the name Antonina. Antonina is a feminine form of the name Antonius, which means “to be in pain” or “to feel pain.” St. Antonina was the mother of St. Catherine of Alexandria, who, along with her husband, was martyred for their Christian faith in 304 AD.

Antonina is popular in Russia and Poland as well as Belarus and Ukraine. If you’re looking for a Russian baby name that’s not too common but still has some history behind it, this one might be perfect!


Olga is a popular name in Russia, as it was borne by the first Christian ruler of Kyiv and one of the most famous saints of Russia. In addition to being used as a given name, Olga is also often used as a nickname for Alexandra or Elizaveta (Elizabeth).

In Game of Thrones, Olga is a character in the House Umber family—notable for their blond hair and blue eyes. She’s described as “young” but with “a face weathered by hardship.”

Polina (Pauline)

another great option for a Russian baby name for a girl is Polina. Polina is a Russian name that means ‘of the people. It’s also sometimes spelled, Paulina or Pauline.

This name can be traced back to St. Paulinus of Nola, who was a bishop from c.530–609 CE and has been called “the last of the Latin Fathers” because he wrote in Latin rather than Greek.

There are many different ways to pronounce Polina: POHL-ee-Nah, POHL-ee-nuh, or PAUL-eena (or PAULA).

Variations include Polina, Pollina, and Pollona.

Some famous Polinas include Russian author Polina Barskova (born in 1965), French actress/model Carole Bouquet (born 1957), and American musician Sofia Rei (born 1979).

Cute Russian baby girl
Cute Russian baby girl


Daria is a common Russian name, and with its short, easy-to-pronounce roots, it’s one of the most popular female names in the country. The name Daria means “gift” and is similar in meaning to the Greek word dosis (also meaning “gift”). It was also the name of a popular Soviet cartoon character who was known for her intelligence and wit.

The name Daria has been around since at least the 16th century. While it may not be as well known outside of Russia as other names like Anna or Olga, it’s still a classic choice for your new little girl—and one that will serve her well throughout her life!


If you’re looking for a name that’s lovely, traditional, and easy to pronounce, then Natalia might be the right choice.

Natalia is a feminine variation of the name Natalie and means ‘birthday’. It originates from Greece but has been popularized in Russia.

Nicknames include Natalya, which means ‘of royalty’ or ‘born on Christmas day. Other nicknames include Tasha (short for Natasha), Sasha, or Tania.

Natalia has featured in countless Russian novels, including Dostoevsky’s Crime and Punishment as well as Tolstoy’s War & Peace, where it was spelled Natalija Nikolajevna Dobrovolskaja. It has also appeared in works by Anton Chekhov, such as The Seagull, where you’ll find the character Nina Sergeevna Sorina who goes by her nickname “Nina.” This famous Russian actress had this name because her mother wanted to have a daughter with similar looks as herself!

Little cute baby walk on square with birds
Little cute baby walk on a square with birds

Tatiana (Tatyana)

The name Tatiana, which means “gift of God,” is one of Russia’s most popular names for girls. It is a variation on Tatyana, an extremely common Russian name that also means “gift.” This name has existed since ancient times and was used in an epic poem by Alexander Pushkin entitled Eugene Onegin. (Tatiana appears as Onegin’s love interest)

In addition to its literal meaning, the word “Tatian” also refers to the Arabic word for Springtime: tahun.

Irina (Irene)

Irina is a Russian name that means “peaceful.” The name originated in Russia, although it’s now used by many people all over the world. Irina’s meaning in Russian is “peaceful”.


Anastasia is a name of Greek origin that means “resurrection.” It’s also the name of an animated film about a young woman who goes on an adventure to find out what happened to her family after they were put into exile.

Elena (Helen, Ellen)

If you’re looking for a beautiful name that’s just as popular here in the U.S., look no further than Elena.

Although it may be more common here, this Russian name comes from Helen, which means bright light.

Since the Middle Ages, Elena has been used as the Russian form of Helen. In 1903, it was accepted by the Orthodox Church as the official form of Helen. This name was also used as an epithet for Saint Helene (Elena), who lived in 325 AD during the reign of Emperor Constantine and was an exceptional woman of her age. She was renowned for her missionary work throughout Asia Minor and Egypt and died at age 80 while on a pilgrimage to Jerusalem with her daughter Eudocia (Eudokia).

13 Russian Baby Name for Girl
These are the 13 most popular Russian baby names for girls


Maria is the way to go if you’re looking for a Russian baby name with a religious meaning. The most popular name for girls in Russia (it’s also very common in many other countries). Maria means “divine” or “my lady.”

In fact, the name of the disease comes from the Hebrew word for bitter. This can be attributed to the fact that people affected by leprosy were considered cursed by God. It is widely believed that this epithet was widely used after Constantine legalized Christianity in AD 325 and declared her mother of God. It was used in the New Testament as an epithet for Jesus’ mother, Mary.

Today, some people still consider the name too holy to use outside of formal settings like church services or when addressing members of royalty. But suppose you’re considering giving your daughter one of these otherworldly-sounding Russian names. In that case, that’s not so out there after all—and chances are good, she’ll eventually graduate from high school without having anyone ask her if she can see dead people!


You may have already heard of this name. Marina is a common Russian name that means “of the sea”. There is evidence that the name was in use since at least the 17th century. The Russian word for sea is more, so that’s where it came from.

There are several other meanings of Marina besides its meaning “of the sea” such as “wisdom” or “sage,” all of which are logical and make sense when we consider how much wisdom our mothers can impart to us in teaching us what is right and wrong throughout our lives.


As the name implies, Svetlana is a Russian name that means ‘light’. As one of the most popular names in Russia, it was chosen by several famous Russians, including a prominent Soviet writer who was married to Vladimir Putin as well.

Since the 1960s, Svetlana has been used by the women of America as a name for their daughters.

In Conclusion,

I hope this list of Russian baby names for girls has helped you choose a name for your little one. I love these names, and I hope that you do too!

If you’re still unsure what to name your baby, I recommend looking at other lists of names on my website or talking to your partner or friends about the kind of name they’d like. You’ll be surprised at how many different opinions there are out there!

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